What to consider

Migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint Online can have a profound impact on your organization’s IT solutions, so you need to consider how you will adapt to the changes.
Migrating from
SharePoint 2007 or File Share

A. User experience

If you are migrating from SharePoint 2007 or your shared drive, remember that you will have to deal with significant differences in the user experience that will affect your user adoption process.

B. Adoption

Migrating from SharePoint 2007 or a shared drive will probably require some training and a potentially longer adjustment period. SharePoint users report feeling more productive.

Migration impact on
other IT solutions

C. Third Party Products

How will third party product dependencies migrate and integrate with SharePoint Online?

D. Functionality and Compatibility

Some data and migration systems only offer full functionality when paired with certain browsers. Browser compatibility can be both costly and challenging to maintain over time when not upgraded.