What to consider

Taking ownership of SharePoint Online involves:

A. Governance

Set rules for the correct use of the platform, including operational and maintenance guidelines. Earlier versions of SharePoint required long and dry technical documents, but SharePoint Online offers collaborative social features such as Enterprise Wikis and tags that facilitate compliance. You also need to prepare for site and permissions management and policies for social features like Yammer, rating and tagging.

B. support

You need to prepare how your IT department will provide support to end users and plan for issue escalation.

C. Adoption

Getting people to use any new platform is never easy. So offer users tools and workflows that are intuitive and answer the business users’ specific needs. Reducing the number of context switches and screens that people need to traverse to do simple operations like uploading a document or previewing a SharePoint document is critical to ensuring adoption.

D. Training

SharePoint Online is fairly intuitive and users will soon be uploading their own content. However, there is a learning curve and training is required for more advanced features such as workflow reminders, content routing rules and search in order to allow users to get the most out of the platform.